Today’s Menu



A small, very strongly flavoured coffee.



A strong black coffee — a blast of energy. Can be had with cold milk to taste..


Caffe Macchiato

An espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk added.



The Viennese style, frothy coffee with milk, topped with a dash of chocolate. Perfectly relaxing.


Café Americano

American drip coffee — Italian style! Served black with milk on the side.


Double Espresso

Two Espressos in one.

Specials for you

Black Coffee

Black aromatic coffee, a perfect accompaniment or end to a good meal.

Café Latte

A shot of Espresso topped with steamed milk and foam, served in a tall mug. The more milky kind!

Café Mocha

A delicious combination of Espresso and chocolate syrup topped with steamed milk and chocolate powder.

Want to know more about our products and services?

We are "Coffe Mix"
a premium coffee shop

The idea was to create a peaceful and lively space where people could have a wonderful meal, relax and feel rejuvenated, meet over aromatic coffees and fresh juices accompanied with delicious cakes, exchange ideas over wholesome global cuisine.

Who we are?

Coffee Mix has a varied selection of foods and drinks. It is a place where people who cook with love and a spirit of adventure prepare different cuisines. Our ingredients are chosen with care, we try our best to buy local, and stay away from using artificial colourants and preservatives.